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Thread: I have problems loading game channels

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    I have problems loading game channels

    With game channels I make with loadstructor1.7. I can install the wad and everything but when i use the cloader or any other forwarders it says please insert wbfs device even when I already have one in. I can already boot the iso manually on usb loader gx with no problem. Can abybody help here?

    Btw the game im using is super smash bros brawl usa aka RSBE01
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    I personally use Crap v3.3, has Wiiflow support. I have all my game channels load with Wiiflow.

    If you haven't already, it's good to convert your Hard drive to FAT32 format for future USB loading. There's a WBFS2FAT converter that'll convert your HDD from WBFS to FAT32.
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    Okay thanks.


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