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Thread: So many different methods... which one is preferred??

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    So many different methods... which one is preferred??

    So I have just been learning, and learning about all this over the past couple weeks since I bought a Wii and wanted to play backups. The Wii I bought was already 3.3u (v2 I believe). I searched between here and GBATemp and found really 2 "methods" I thought would be the best. The "Backup Suite 4.0" method which you an use on any version Wii or the "Downgrade/Starfall/Gamma" method. I chose the first one because from reading the tutorial it seemed to work the same way as the other method and I didn't have to go through and downgrade. So far so good I must admit. Not any problems playing my backups.

    I was just curious if anyone else is using this method vs the downgrade one. And if there is a standard method or preferred method...


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    the simple fact you DIDNT DOWNGRADE, makes it worse -,_-,

    you see using a heavily hacked one, makes it a lot less stable than 3.2 which requires no edits, in addition there are perks and downsides to 3.4, like you still have the auto update thing *if it even exists details on it are Null, and will be till we get a new update* which if you downgrade would go poof

    in addition, a BIG part of using 3.2 is simply Starfall....
    block updates
    out of region *so no side program booting*
    brick prevention *savemii more or less but its native*

    i also picked the 2nd method, because simply 500 people were helped with that guide, and only 100 people were helped from the other guide *im going off thanks since its the only SOLID proof there is*

    in the end i think, getting it to work and figuring it out > best, because most time the better way isnt much better

    IE wad uninstaller VS delete from channel menu, because the uninstaller removes the "ticket" which isnt important enough to go its OMG better


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