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Thread: How To Solve Supercard Dstwo Nothing Inserted Into The GameCard Slot Problem

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    How To Solve Supercard Dstwo Nothing Inserted Into The GameCard Slot Problem

    Today when i tested my supercard dstwo card, i had this problem, my dstwo card is working on the DSi V1.45 and DS lite, but can not work on the 3DS console V4,5,0-10. i used the latest EOS, and put the files in the correct place, but the 3DS just can not detect my supercard dstwo. the screen just shows no card inseted, just like i didn't use any card. it took me some time to figure it out and solved the problem, if you also have this problem, just check the method below to fix it.

    Here is the supercard dstwo:

    At first, when i put my dstwo with correct EOS files, the 3DS screen shows


    Means the 3DS just can not find the Supercard dstwo cars.

    Then i go on testing the dstwo card on DSi and DS lite, both are working fine.

    I finally fixed this problem by updating the card with the firmware V1.19. here are the steps

    Step1: Download the latest EOS from here: EOS V1.11 Extract it and put the contents into the root of your sd card.

    Step2: Download the latest DStwo firmware from here: V1.19 Extract it and put the update file into the root of your sd card.

    So your micro sd card has these files


    Step3: You need to use a DS lite to do the update, just insert the DStwo card and your sd card into your DS lite, turn on, the console will detect the update file automatically.


    Then just click A to start the update process


    After you complete the update, your dstwo can work on your 3DS again.

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    Very informative, thanks for the nice guide. I just got my supercard dstwo yesterday afternoon and it works perfectly fine in my 3DS XL. never had that problem, I bought it from
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    Nice guide. The DSTwo wasn't detected mainly cuz the firmware needed to be updated. So that's the main solution to it not showing up

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