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Thread: Sugoro Chronicle: Migite ni Ken o Hidarite ni Saikoro o

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    Sugoro Chronicle: Migite ni Ken o Hidarite ni Saikoro o

    i know a mouthful =P think of it as Anime Monopoly...

    Controls: 3/10
    since in the end, youre just using luck to win.. theres not a lot you control, i do think there should be more you can do, than move this way or that way, and buy... it gets boring after a while, 1 single game can and has taken me 5 hours to end....

    Gameplay: 5/10
    this game is JUST like monopoly, you buy spaces, people go on it, they fight your monster win or lose you gain X ammount of cash, after playing it for 30 mins youll get tired of the other people -,_-, and since the game just never ends till you beat the boss *randomly appears from what ive gathered* you just keep playing... you can get items or bounties, but in the end the game is just unfun, and the RPG like style makes it a bore ~_~....

    art: 3/10
    as far as i got *like i said very boring* it was all the same, with mild differences... there was like 8 monsters... and only like 20 class's -,_-, weapons looked the same, and no matter what you do the same thing endlessly ~_~

    Overall: 4/10
    if youre a fan of Monopoly, then play this, but if you dont like watching other people do stuff 99% of the time... pick another game, theres nothing special and you CANT skip their actions Y_Y

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    This game is pain in the you now what (where? xD). If I would have chance getting this game for free I will say "no, thanks" for this crap.

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    if you could just see your turns, and had more of a selection at the start, it would have been great =\


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