a series i love -,_-, with so many bad games =[

Controls: 4/10
this game is VERY annoying control wise, since most of the time you're either going WAY TOO FAST or WAY TOO SLOW that controls are weak... in addition using the wiimote, gets very annoying very fast *sorry only tried that*

Gameplay: 2/10
this game is such a disappointment here, once you get into it things generally chain

Night stages
  • act 1
  • act 2
  • act 3
  • maybe act 4
  • boss

Day stages (basicly OMG what were you thinking!!!)
  • win the stage ASAP (basicly only 1 act for all stages =\)
  • get the coins
  • dont touch ____ *insanely hard most times i had to walk to do them*

since most of the time youre the werehog... youre tired of the game in the very nontraditional gameplay style

Story: 1/10
-,_-, uhh yeah... there isnt a lot of needed things, most times its annoying to even pay attention to, and above all YOU CANT SKIP IT, since a lot of times you got to talk to people and do worthless things...

  • Chief "i dont know"
  • man "i dont know"
  • girl "maybe Dan"
  • Dan "go here!"

you got to talk to everyone to find whom you MUST talk to to move on =[ another big thing is.. a lot of time the dialog is a joke it just states the obvious................

art: 3/10
somethings looked amazing *phoenix mostly* but in the end, youre just rushing though the stages so its more like -_-_-_-_-_-_-~~~~_-_-_-_-()()()()______ () end -,_-, yes just blurs =[

Overall: 1/10
sadly i played though once, managed to get everything.... you get a small omake... which is NOT WORTH THE EFFORT! in the end once you beat the game, you wont play it again, and its too bleh ~_~