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Thread: Error 001 when loading mario kart

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    Error 001 when loading mario kart


    I'm new here and I'm new to softmod as well. I've recently softmodded my wii at 4.3E and installed usb loader gx to load my games of a usb stick.
    It works fine with all the games I've tried except Mario Kart.
    The error message I get is something like "Error 001 unathourized device..."
    Here's how I did it:

    First I used letterbomb and got the latest hombrew channel.
    Then I installed Ios 236.
    Then I used d2x-cios-installer v9 which I installed at 248 and base either 56/57 and 247 at either base 56/57 (dont remember which base I used at which one) . Because it said 249 wasn't empty and I didn't wanna take a chance on overwriting anything important.
    Then i got the latest stable usb loader gx and also installed a forwarder.
    Transfered my games on the computer to a NTFS formatted usb stick with wii backupmanager.

    Mario galaxy 2 works fine and so does Mario and Sonic at the olympic games. So any help would be greately appreciated.
    and I've searched for how to fix this but I havent found any info that fit my case.

    Sorry for bad english, I'm swedish.
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    You should not be getting that error. But possibly you can make it go away. The iso is probably bad, you could dump it again. Otherwise you can patch that error out of the game. Open the iso with wiiscrubber, extract the main.dol from the data partition. Open up "generic wii patcher", open the main.dol and patch out the error 001, save it. Now replace the main.dol with wiiscrubber.

    I would try another dump, possibly verify the dump with "wit verify".
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