YAYS a game that looks like one of my least favorite series ever -,_-,

Controls: 3/10
true the game has good controls, the way they sound, and work are very poor you seriously will have problems fighting anyone in this game whom is just better, most characters are either Broken, or just trash....

Gameplay: 2/10
well, it plays JUST LIKE power stone, but the fights are usually very blan, you run around and randomly and fight when you see a opening... its just a joke... the specials look cool -,_-, but its very disapointing

Art: 1/10
this game looks NOTHING like the characters, basicly its Death note, with mild changes -,_-, this gets very annoying when you played the games for ages... since nothing looks right, youll get tired of it shortly for 1 reason or another.....

overall: 1/10
besides what i said above... the thing i hated most of all that made the game SO BAD, was the unlocking system....

  • story 9 wins = 2 characters in story mode unlocked
  • win with those 2 = death unlocked
  • win with him = Drac
  • win with him = last guy unlocked
  • new story = true ending

now at this point you have beat the game 14 times.... which each character isnt really original...

from this point on...

beat the game with any of the 5 newly unlocked characters, gives you the right to play with them... outside of story mode... YES to unlock all the characters you have to actually beat story mode 20 times -.- *unless you got the DS game... but were talking the average person*

no game should require you to play the same thing again and again and again... just to make the game 100%