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Thread: Dios Mios issue

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    Dios Mios issue

    So i think i've pretty successfully installed this application. I can play Windwaker, Luigis mansion, and warioworld boots, but i get some audio issues. Then when i try to start my 2 rogue squadron games i get a long line as an error "al error app_entry is not within the apploader are" then i can't see more. Bot games installed as 32k alignment and i have tried both "raw" and "optimize" for both, and nothing works.

    I read both rogue squadron games should work perfectly with dios mios, so i can't understand why this is happening. Hope someone can shed some light on this issue.

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    I'm not sure why you have audio issues, but have you tried reripping the game, there's always a chance it could be a bad rip, and are you modifying the game in any way ?

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    Well, warioworld isn't the problem i'm trying to solve. It was kind of a test game. But i never tried using the "raw" install for that, and that might fix it. The problem is the Star Wars games as they don't want to run regardless what i do.

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    Hmm,it's possible that compatibility for it is gone, have you tried installing an older version ? If that doesn't fix it then I'm not sure what the problem could be, perhaps someone with more experience with it could help.


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