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Thread: updating iOS and softmod info please.

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    Question updating iOS and softmod info please.

    So iv read in other posts to NOT use ,"pimp my wii", thats it, no reason, just dont, why is this, and also is there a recomended automated online app to do so?

    to tell you the truth, iv been using pimp my wii for quite a while now, probly on 50 or so wii's and Iv never had any issues what so ever, all work 110% so Im wondering why all admins are saying stay away from this app? thanks in advance for the reply's, you guys do a great job on this site,
    the reason I ask is because there is around 20 or so outdated iOS and wads that pimp my wii finds and updates,
    Ps. Id like to change my user name to," UnholyonE

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    Based on the history of members posts, that app has caused more issues and/oor bricks than anything else.
    There could be other reasons and preexisting issues involved, but this is the general observation.


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