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Thread: 3.4 and Any Region Changer

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    Question 3.4 and Any Region Changer

    I know Any Region Changer doesn't quite work with 3.4, but does anyone know if the changes made to the video setting (from PAL to NTSC in this case) before updating to 3.4 would remain untouched or would they reset to the default setting?

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    depends, if you update from U to E, they might be edited, but if you update from U to U, they wont be changed

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    Ok, thanks. Actually I intend to update from E to E, only the video mode has been changed with Any Region Changer, but I need it to display on NTSC, so I wanted to check first.

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    it should change back, if it doesnt then i lost faith in nintendo knowing what their doing =\ simply because when you update, everything gets rewriten

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    I see, so I shouldn't update then. Still a confirmation from someone who has already tried it would be welcome.

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    in the end theres no point in going past 3.2 anyways, but im 99.9999999% sure it will change


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