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Thread: letterbomb help?

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    letterbomb help? reinstalling hbc

    I have a 4.3u that i had already letterbombed and installed hbc on. I needed to change back to ios58 and was told too uninstall hbc and reinstall it.
    uninstalled and tried to do letterbomb again everything goes like it should until it gets to the software must not be sold screen. it should say press1 to continue,but it never does. I have reformated sd card, turned off wiiconect24. when I try to do system update it gives me a error code:32007. but internet connection is good.
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    Who long are you giving the installer to show the Press 1 message? And the error is probably Priiloader preventing you from updating as it was design to do.

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    I let it stand over night.

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    Well, no one here would tell you to uninstall anything. If you have HBC installed, start over with chapter 1 for those who already have HBC installed and install the two IOSs (58 and 61, I think) and then try going from there. If you deleted HBC, you'll have to letterbomb again.
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