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Thread: No songs showing on Just Dance 4 loads okay

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    No songs showing on Just Dance 4 loads okay

    Hey Guys, looking for you advice. Softmodded wii using usb loader GX. I can load JD4, everything works fine, menu, create character but I can't see any songs present on the game. I have changed the ios in USB loader to:
    cios 247 base 37 success..loads but not music present
    cios 248 base 56 success...loads but not music present
    cios 249 base 38 success...loads but not music present

    cios 250 base 57 success...loads but not music present
    these are based on the Just Dance 3 recommendations from the ultimate guide to music and dance, can't find the settings for JD4

    Any suggestions why I can't get any songs, have I chosen the right there something I should turn on in USB loader

    Thanks for any advice

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    Don't cross-post the same message in multiple parts of the forums. I deleted the other one.

    If you have d2xv7's, your mod is old and updating to v8s or above may help. You can get v8's in Chapter 2 of the Softmod Any Wii guide linked in my sig.

    According to this: Just Dance 2 should be run using cIOS 224. Try JD4 using the same cIOS to see if that helps.
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    Sorry about the double post...will try your advice and get back

    thanks again


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