Controls: 5/10
i found it to be 1 of 2 things...

1 a better looking wiisports with mario, and specials... this game isnt hard to master.. Celeste played All star for the first time, on our first play, and won by 20 runs -,_-,

2 if you dont have the nunchuck pluged in, the game is basicly swing the mote =\ its sad that the game comes down to left to right, or up to down Y-Y

Gameplay: 6/10
the various things that make the game "harder" are fun for the first few times... but in the end after you know who does what special, and how to play... its only a matter of time till you get bored, even when playing 2 player... it was usually stuff like

60 to 58 -,_-, yeah....

i also found that you have very little control in the game, without the nunchuck, and even with it its really minimal =\

Overall: 5/10
sadly theres not a lot to say here... i played it for 4 hours, got everything -,_-, got bored, its just a small note that wow this game is a little different than wii sports baseball, but nothing that would make me go, THIS GAME IS AMAZING, its just more of the same....