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Thread: Soul Eater

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    Soul Eater

    yeah i know, i like anime games -,_-, its a force of habit i guess =P

    Controls: 1/10
    very buggy, and youll hate it... i cant say much else but they make the game almost unplayable...

    Story: ?/10
    i seriously could only play 30 mins before i turned it off, and moved on... this is a VERY rare thing for me, but this game is basicly unplayable...

    Art: 1/10
    [ame=]YouTube - Square Enix's Soul Eater: Monotone Princess for Nintendo Wii Gameplay Mission 1[/ame]
    ^ thats a good idea, of the poor gameplay, and poor art -,_-, i mean it looks like the PS1/Saturn level Y-Y

    Overall: 1/10
    like i said, i could only play for 30 mins before i got tired of playing this game... its seriously the least fun game on the wii that i know of -,_-,

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    Wow, you really don't have anything to do at free time do you? xD I'm entering now review section and everything I see is admiral_victorinox nickname under the topics name Great reviews I must say . But with verdict for Soul Eater: Monotone Princess I don't agree: as a fan of this series, that is . In reality, you have right that this isn't the best game on our Wii. Especially controls are *censored* .

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    i read the manga, only reason i played the game, i was expecting more got less =\

    sadly the anime is now different than the manga Y-Y

    but as for me -,_-,

    lets say good at Time management =P

    i had a wife, she left me *unrelated to this life of mine.... i think* currently got 1 girl hitting on me XD
    i got exactly 3 IRL friends, and like 7 online -,_-,
    i rarly am needed at work, so i get paid for nothing
    so its this, tv, manga, and my forums Y-Y it might be a sad life but its mine =x


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