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Thread: How to chip my wii (I wanna play a burned NTSC game on a PAL wii)

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    How to chip my wii (I wanna play a burned NTSC game on a PAL wii)

    Ok, hi Im kinda new to the whole hackity thing and this forum.

    a couple of years ago we sent our wii to be chipped meaning we could play burned NTSC games on our UK wii. I had no idea that if I updated it the chip would not work so now im left with this neogamma backup launcher channel but it doesnt work.

    Im trying to play a burnt DVD version of Mario Super Sluggers. How can i make the game work and how can I do this. If i have to download a channel or software or anything please explain really simply because im a mega newbie!!


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    I'd say just go for a softmod. Use a softmod any wii guide from this forum. Beats paying for mod chips when you can do everything fine without one.

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