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Thread: Please advise USB HDD format

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    Please advise USB HDD format

    Hello there. I have thus far been able to jimmy rig my way through this whole process of softmodding and getting my wii to play DVD backups. I've grown to realize USB HDD is the way to go and now I need a little guidance for the first time.

    I have a WD 750 GB HDD and I was going to split it in half with the first partition being NTFS for the root folders such as apps and whatnot and the second would be for non wii use. The reason I am not using FAT32 is because most of the iso files I have are over 4 gb and therefore I cannot transfer them to FAT32, but I wish I could use Fat32. I've gotten as far as getting my Wii to recognize my apps and I am able to launch WiiFlow or USB Configurator but the problem I am having is that they do not see my ISO files. I wish to remain using ISO files as my main filetype for playing backups. The reason for this is because I am using OSX and I have not come across one program that actually works.. they all need to have the files in wbfs

    I tried putting the ISO files in a folder named WBFS but this obviously didn't work. What am I doing wrong?

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    The loaders and backup programs will split the files into two parts less than 4GB, so FAT32 is a viable option. Have you looked at Pob's FAT32 Guide? There is a section in there for OSX users.

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    Hi thanks for your reply. The guide was sort of helpful... So basically, I'd have to use wii backup fusion [which doesn't run very well may i add] to manually convert each iso to wbfs, if I am understanding correctly?? Is there any way at all to play the iso files directly without it getting too complicated or is this the easiest quickest solution? Thanks

    also, when I'm done converting the files... I just put them in the root in a folder called wbfs?

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    Go with FAT32, its the best option for Wii USB loading and there is no downside. I know I was confused at first too with the whole filesize thing and conlflicting info but really the split file is invisible to the end user, everything is done automatically. Basically WBFS was originally the only way this stuff worked and is very limitied so you see a lot of old info, FAT32 is the best, and NTFS is the newest I think but a bunch of stuff won't work with it.

    If your hard drive is already NTFS and you have other stuff on it its pretty simple to simply put Wii games on there and play them but other homebrew stuff likely won't work nor will things like downloading box art (you would have to use an SD card for that in conjunction)

    I personally use Wii Backup Manager and think it's the best. It will handle everything for you automatically. You have iso file you want to transfer simply point the program to the iso and transfer it to your hard drive, it will do everything for you. I have connected WBFS, NTFS, and FAT32 drives to wii backup manager and pointed it to isos wbfs files whatever, I have never ran in to something it couldn't do (and I have with other programs) and it does everything pretty much automatically. It's a great program.

    (Now that I think about it the one thing it doesn't do is gamecube games, but it does everything for Wii)
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    awesome reply. Thanks I will try this later tonite!!


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