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Thread: Issues with Alps Mouse Left Button on Sony Laptop VPCEB33FM on Win7/64 bit

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    Issues with Alps Mouse Left Button on Sony Laptop VPCEB33FM on Win7/64 bit

    A head scratcher has reared it's ugly head. Awhile back, I bought this laptop with a cracked screen. Inside of a week, I had it replaced and in working order. The built-in mouse buttons are being problematic, though. The left button has to be about pushed with 1,000 foot pounds in order to have the desired effect. Figuring it being possibly a worn contact/pad, I obtained a replacement. I only did a partial replacement (the black plastic mount with the buttons) but to no avail --- same symptoms. I have the small PCB and ribbon wire to replace the rest and will be more than happy to do so. But I suspect it something else.

    I've also tried several other alps drivers and even the built-in PS2/Mouse type that Win7 normally installs. Most people who have reported issues either mention the tap feature or gesture feature as being problematic. I can swap the button functions (right can perform what the left is supposed to do by default), but the swap feature then makes the right button act like the left instead. There are also enough posts on the left mouse button to make me think it a Sony/hardware issue (or failing that, some form of driver issue). I've even disabled the tap feature and gesture feature and adjusted the double click sensitivity but no luck.

    Anyone out there run into this or can make suggestion?

    VPCEB33FM i3/4gb/Win7 64 Ultimate (dual core for the i3, of course)

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    *bump* (ahem)

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    Does it work with Ubuntu? *RUNS*

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    A fair question, I do believe I have a Linux Live CD somewhere... will check.

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    If it were me, I'd just but myself a logitech wireless mouse.

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    Yeah, but therein lies the rub: it's on my nightstand... and it's *just* wide enough to fit (no room for an external mouse, wired or not). I can't even tell how the actuator (Krafter's word) works. I have a complete set of guts --- the buttons and the plastic platform they're mounted to, and the ribbon and the circuit board that serves as the touchpad. I replaced all but the touchpad --- it seems to have adhesive to bind it to the external surface (from underneath). I doubt that really is a factor (in terms of the problem) though...

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