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Thread: hitman reborn Kindan no yami no delta

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    hitman reborn Kindan no yami no delta

    this game does have error 002, and requires IOS 55 -,_-, i think im the only person on the forum, to actually play this game xD so i think its important to say

    Controls: 8/10
    this game is very simple to play, but its a short/sweet little fighter if you like party style, but it could use more complexity -,_-, but thats just me

    Story: 5/10
    it follows the anime, but its basically just from the start of this arc, to the middle of it -,_-, if you dont know the series you will be lost *like me =P*

    Gameplay: 6/10
    story mode, was basicly 1 of 3 people... doing various fights Y-Y since there are VERY few attacks *mostly special skills made this game "interesting"* you'll get tired of it shortly into it -,_-, and the fact that there are only like 12 playable characters so youll get bored of it quickly... there is a online mode, but people just cheap as they can be Y-Y

    Overall: 4/10
    i beat it 100% in 2 hours -,_-, and from there i didnt touch it again, there very little to do, and theres even less to see.... its too simple of a game to even get your attention for a while Y-Y

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    Hi. my backup for the game wont work. I have drivekey, after pressing start, a black screen says a error occured, eject....refer to manual. it does not say error 002? Can you help? Thanks

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    lol I didnīt eve know that the game existed

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    Considering 1. This thread you posted to is almost two years old (a one-hit post/thread); 2. This being the games REVIEW section... leads to:

    3. Thread Closed.


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