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Thread: Cant get any game to work on my softmodded wii 4.3E #blackscreen

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    Question Cant get any game to work on my softmodded wii 4.3E #blackscreen

    Hi there

    I have a problem. Recently i softmodded my wii with letterbomb , so i followed some guides on how to play backups on a loader.

    Now i have tried every loader (usb loader gx,cfg usb loader,wiiflow) everything!
    I even tried gamecube backups and none of it works, i tried booting it with dvd's i tried it with my SD i tried it with my compaitble usb flashdrive..but to no avail all i get is these darn black screens!

    Im kinda new to this whole thing, going in thinkin it would be really easy but man was i wrong.

    All i can get to work is emulators..but i dident buy all this stuff just for playing please help me with this , i am out of ideas and i really want this thing to work .

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    Follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide, link below in my sig.

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    It sounds like you didn't follow the guide here at Wiihacks. Follow the Softmod Any Wii guide. Start the guide with Homebrew Channel installed. Do not skip any of steps and you should be good to go.

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    Alright thanks for the reply, i am gonna try this and il let u guys now if it worked or if i dident get get something.

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    Well i did the whole guide step by step and still it dident work BUT as it turns out the game i was using was just bad or something that is Super paper mario, so i put brawl and mario galaxy 2 on my stick and they worked just fine......HERPEDERP
    Just a last quiston, whats the best way to play a gamecube backup?

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    Go here and check this out.

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