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Thread: How to install games on modded wii? Please help..

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    Unhappy How to install games on modded wii? Please help..

    So I just bought a new wii, black version, firmware 4.3u. I also did the soft mod, but I could not figure out a way to get games into it.
    I downloaded games from torrent. However all the games are more than 4gb, which means that I cannot copy them into FAT32 SD card or external hard drive.
    - SD card: I transferred the compressed file to the card then unzip/unrar/extract it, got an error message saying something like it could not be done.
    So SD card's out.
    - External hard drive: I have a NTFS format system hard drive, if I want to use it with Wii, I have to either buy a new one or reformatted the drive. However I have too many data there so reformatting is not an option.
    - Burn disk: I bought DVD-R, DVD+RW, nothing works, always get a message: "Unable to read disk."
    SO my question is, is there any Homebrew app or anything that helps reading burn disk? For external hard drive, if I buy a new one with FAT32, do I need app to read iso file? I know you guys talk about USB loader or something but when I open the app on wii, I always get frozen there.
    Also my controllers are all MotionPlus so they don't work for Homebrew app right? It drives me crazy, I have been trying to mod my wii and install games for three days but failed.. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you guys in advance!

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    First, we don't support piracy, so you won't get any help regarding getting those to play.

    If you have one of the new Wiis, it won't be able to play burned disks at all. Any Wii made sometime after 2008 had different DVD drives and physically won't read the media.

    I recommend FAT32 formatting and then ripping your game disks using any of the USB Loaders that's part of our App Pack (Chapter 3 of the SoftMod Any Wii guide, link in my signature). Each of the loaders have the ability to install a game to the hard drive, and will properly split the file if the trimmed version of the .iso (referred to as a .wbfs file at this point) is over 4 gigs. The loaders will know how to handle that when reading the game so the game is playable.

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