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Thread: Metroid Prime Trilogy on Updated SoftModded Wii

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    Metroid Prime Trilogy on Updated SoftModded Wii

    I searched this guide before posting this thread: but it is locked and outdated. Whenever i used the search bar on my issue i just get a bunch of locked threads that dont answer my question

    Whenever i play Metroid Prime Trilogy through USB loading, i could only play the games by selecting the .dol of each game, unabling me to play the multiplayer or changing mode difficulties.
    For all those that have a recently more updated Softmodded Wii, are those issues still there when you play Metroid Prime Trilogy?

    -thanks in advance

    EDIT: i just update Softmodded my Wii and wow every game that used to be "problematic" works smoothly(inclduing MPT), running everything on "Auto" IOS on CFG USB Loader 70
    lock thread please
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