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Thread: Recurring corrupted system files error

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    Recurring corrupted system files error

    G'Day All,

    I posted a few months ago regarding a problem I had with corrupted system files. At that time I had lost my NAND and had to reformat. After which I was able to soft mod, create a NAND backup, and life was good for about six months.

    Then I again got corrupted system files. It was fairly simple to reload the NAND backup and re-soft mod. That was a week ago.

    Now it's back. After only one week. Corrupted system files.

    I'd rather not be reloading NAND and soft modding every week, so I have two questions:
    1. Do we know what the common causes of this problem are?
    2. Is there any way I can prevent it?

    Thanks for your support.


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    What do you see this error? Before or after the health screen? Also, does this happen after any particular routine action, like you play some game or something? You formatted with the nand formater correct? Not giantpune. We could possibly gather some usefull information if you like, make a new nand backup with bootmii. Then check the bootmii nand.bin with nandbincheck
    nandbincheck nand.bin -all -v
    nandbincheck is run from the shell console, put the nand.bin in the directory of nandbincheck. Post the output here, perhaps it will help (or not) giantpune's Nand
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