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Thread: Call Of Duty (5) World At War

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    Call Of Duty (5) World At War

    another disappointing wii title -,_-,

    Controls: 8/10
    for a shooter, i didnt have a problem EVER with the controls for this game, given 10 mins of playing you can figure it out... the only problem maybe shooting with the wiimote, but the auto aim helps a lot *every shooter has auto aim if you didnt know its just a insanely low number =P*

    Gameplay: 5/10
    I REALLY liked online play, didnt care for story *not why its low* but this game has a few big problems, and minor annoyances...

    • higher the level, the gap between you and someone 4 levels lower is insane
    • no zombie nazi mode
    • nothing besides slayer type matchs
    • very little difference from the past 4 games
    • skills arnt really intresting... most people use the same ones which makes leveling very boring

    really skilled players, whom you can get matched with IE level 10 vs level 65 can happen -.- is very unfair, and to make matters worst the thing i HATE MOST, about this game is.. people whom are much better than you for whatever reason.. get more perks Y-Y

    when you got a staff Sargent VS a General needless to say, the general will destroy you.. and after so many kills he gets more perks to make the game VERY ANNOYING
    3 = shows where the enemy is
    5 = alertly strike
    7 = dog, and every so often after you get them again
    you get these without dying... but once you get the dogs -,_-, youll die a lot their very bothersome....

    Overall: 5/10
    really besides those 2 things, there arnt much you can say about the game... in the end if you want to play online, and you dont mind being owned to the max for a long time, then this is for you... sadly since the game is now semi old, there are many high levels, whom could careless about your fun and will just plow you for the points =\

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    Call Of Duty (5) World At War

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    But their is a load of cool hacks and glitches for the wii version.

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    there is a lot of hacks and glitches but that takes the fun more out of the game T-T

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    Codes: Call Of Duty World At War [RVYE52] at - WiiRD Code Database

    ^ just a few of the many hacks and codes. I have made an always host code i am not giving out unless begged, lol jk, (but, i have made an always host) and i also have a few other hacks. this game is too easy to hack, theres basically no encryption.
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