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Thread: Error: This is not a valid Wii aplication

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    Question Error: This is not a valid Wii aplication


    Ive a 4.3U Wii, HBC 1.1.0 IOS58 v24.32.

    I was using USBLOADERGX v2 and its working.
    But now i tried to use USBLOADERGX v3 and i got this error: "This is not a valid Wii aplication" after a clicked at Load button.

    Ive tried the Syscheck v2.1.0 beta 17 and d2x cIOS Installer v3.1 (only when i put the files of d2x-v10-beta53-alt too) i got the same error.

    My others apps works fine: FTPWii, WAD MANAGER 1.7, Pump my Wii ...

    What could i do to fix it, please?

    Thank you!

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    If you still have GX v2, your mod is likely out of date to be usable on current applications. Your best shot would be to re-mod your system using the Softmod Any Wii guide (link in signature) and go through it again. Any questions about the guide should be given as a reply to the thread the guide is in.
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    I reinstall only the cIOS and USBLOADERGX from the tutorial link and it works, thank you! xD


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