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Thread: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Disc Not Recognized

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    Is anyone else having this problem? I've tried a bunch of my other games, CDs, & DVDs but only this one game says it's not a recognized disc. I was really looking forward to this game so it sucks to not be able to play it. Is there anyway I can get the disc to be recognized? I exchanged it for a 2nd copy but the 2nd does the same thing...GameStop tells me there is an probably issue with the way the disc was made but I've seen some people say they have no issues with it.

    So yeah, do I have bad luck to have gotten 2 duds in a row or it this a widespread problem? And again, if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.


    Edit: Problem solved.

    Went and exchanged my Storm 3 for a 3rd copy of the game and was informed by GameStop of the problem. Apparently NamcoBandai games released a shipment of the games with no code or partial code on the discs which resulted in many games not having audio or not playing at all.

    So if yours doesn't work exchange it at a different store than where you bought it.


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