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Thread: Semi-bricked Wii issue: Black Screen on start up, but sounds work?

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    Question Semi-bricked Wii issue: Black Screen on start up, but sounds work?

    Okay so I've been wrestling with this issue for half a year now. As far as I'm concerned no one else has had this problem...

    I ordered the Japanese version of Rhythm Heaven because I loved it so much more than the english version. As me and a friend were playing a two player mode, it froze at the end. Not thinking much of it, I restarted my Wii just to be greeted with a Black Screen.

    The odd thing is that I can hear the menu sounds and for a time I was even able to somehow get it to display the menu, but I don't remember what I did to achieve that anymore... It didn't help much though, because controllers don't work either. Wiimotes don't connect and GameCube controllers don't respond to anything. The Wiimotes can still turn the console on, though.

    TL;DR Wii is stuck with a black screen and controllers don't work, but the Wii is still semi-functional. It's just hard to play with when dealing with a black screen and controllers not working.

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    Try changing to composite or component cables.
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    Formatted my SD card and did exactly that. It works now.

    I feel like a bloody fool, but thank god muh wii works. Thanks for looking into this despite it being so trivial.

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