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Thread: Twilight Hack Freezes

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    Twilight Hack Freezes

    After I initiate the install of the homebrew channel and the screen turns black and scrolls down my wii then freezes. Any help?

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    are you using the right, twilight hack?

    beta 1 = 3.3 or lower
    beta 2 = 3.4

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    3.4 at hbc download my wii is version 3.4u.

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    I have read that guide and a few others and I have done everything it ask 5 times using diffrent SD cards with no avail. I may have to get it chipped if I nothing else helps.

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    are you sure you are putting the files on the card correctly? as in 4 folders and boot.dol on the root of the card

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    Yes root of SD has 3.4 twilight hack renamed to boot.dol and private/wii/title/rzde folders with data.bin in rzde folder
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