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Thread: SD gaming issues

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    SD gaming issues

    ive been trying to play games of my softmodded wii using a 32gig sd card but im always having problems with it. at first i tried cfg loader while it was formatted to wbfs and transferred the games using wii backup manager only but zelda twilight princess, wii sports, and muramasa worked. the other games like sonic colors , super mario galaxy all gave me a message saying error bad magic. i tried it with neogamma but it told me wbfs not recognized format or something like that.
    so i formatted i to fat32 made a wbfs folder and copied the games to that folder while by converting the isos to wbfs with wii game manager this time only wii sports, muramasa and zelda worked while mario kart would freeze on a black screen after showing the wii mote strap message. the other games would just stay on a black screen when i tried them even after switching settings like force ntfs or switching the ios options like to 224mload etc. but got no change and it didnt work on neogamma because it says no wbfs partition.
    so i tried agian by formatting it to wbfs and transferred the games using wbfs manager 3.0 and using neo gamma since i cant use cfg loader while its wbfs formatted. now on neogamma i try loading the games with the load form sd/sdhc option but only mariokart wii works while the other games say error: not a wii/gc disc. anyone have an idea to why this is happening or atleast why neogamma is giving me the error with all the other games but not mario kart?

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    We usually suggest that you USB Load instead of trying to use SD, with the USB formatted as FAT32 and using one of the three loaders that are still updated to be current (Neogamma isn't one of them, the other three are included in our App Pack in chapter 3 of the softmod any wii guide with updated beta versions of those available in my signature).

    You can also generate and post a syscheck (directions to do so are also in my sig) so we can see if your system is current on its mods or not, which if not, could also be a problem. So I say we start there and try to do what you've been trying to do, and if that still doesn't work, then let's see if you can move to USB loading instead. If you don't have a space USB drive available, you can alway start testing things with a small thumb drive, and then get an external device when you're able and move things over.

    As for installing games to the USB/SD card, it's usually best and most stable to use the USB Loader apps to install the game off of a game disk directly. So if some games are giving you problems, try reripping the disk to see if it helps.
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    ok i ran the system check here's what i got



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