a game i had hopes for fun online -,_-,

controls: 4/10
I didnt play a lot of the game, but from what i saw the controls were very bothersome, a lot of times i would use a nade, and i would try to throw it, and most times it wouldnt let me and i blew up -,_-, or you know i just couldnt finsh off the person... it got very annoying very fast, for a high action game, youre more often than not, just plowing -,_-, it wasnt enjoyable AT ALL

Gameplay: 1/10
I only played online -,_-, because thats what you play shooters for, to fight other people, to see whom is the best, etc... each stage is at most 2 v 2, sadly the stages were HUGE... it wasnt uncommon for the game to only have 10 kills in 10 mins -,_-, also a lot of the stages were more or less, Generic and far from fun... if you can camp you can win this game like nothing!

Story: 3/10
it was very boring for a bond movie, more or less wasnt even about the group, just side unimportant details... felt like a prequel more than anything else....

Overall: 4/10
in the end, i would just get a better shooter, its not a great game, or story and in the end youll just get tired of the weak gameplay Y-Y