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Thread: Wario Land: Shake It

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    Wario Land: Shake It

    one of many games for the wii i was really interested in!

    Controls: 10/10
    they were VERY simple, and the one thing i was worried about, the "shake" part of the game would ruin it, but when you needed it, was VERY clear, and you rarely used it.

    Gameplay: 8/10
    i loved playing this game, it was one of the first wii games i really got into *its rare for me to get into a game im usually Cold, and like lets just end this lame game ~_~*

    the stages were very diverse, and there were many Alt ways to go, gaining you "treasure" or "special items" that go into your book, when push comes to shove, i enjoyed collecting them all because they were quite odd... from a Easter island head, to a crystal Heart *i think thats one* they were unique and made earning them fun!

    there are a few "hidden stages" which become easier to find once you beat the story, their usually a LOT harder, and the fact that theres so many things to do, and the stages very rarly get boring, that i gave it so high... the only downside is some parts get VERY annoying, if you dont know what youre doing... IE the Planet boss, and the Final boss -,_-, but their cake once you figure it out.. also i went to H3ll and back to get some of the "hidden stages" and finding all of the Chests got old fast on some stages.. since you would see it but OOOPS slid and died =P or you fell off the ledge etc

    Story: 7/10
    theres Hardly really a story, but it was short and cute, i really just enjoyed the ending XD, but it was good gave good reason for what youre doing, over just doing it...

    Overall: 9.5/10
    besides a few "hard parts" and a few "UGH got to restart -.-" moments i really enjoyed playing it, its without a doubt one of the best wii games, and its good proof that the wii can be fun, even if you use the wiimote ;3

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