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Thread: Black screen and Wii Totally stopped when i open some games from USB Loader.

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    Black screen and Wii Totally stopped when i open some games from USB Loader.

    Hello all,

    Iam totaly new here and i have just yesterday decided to join Wiihacks after my kids destroy about 8 wii original CDs .

    I installed homebrow, priiloader and GX USb loader. then i tried to install the games from the CDs. I found that the CDs which was already working downloaded faster and still work normally. the problem was with the scratched CDS it took a very long time to download (for example wii sport took 2 hours) and the after 100% download it not work!! the wii give a black screen and not responding to any action and i must shut it out.

    can you help me with that problem?

    Other question is how to download Wii games from internet?? did anyone have an idea?



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    First off many people mod there wii to combat the situation you describe in the first part of your post, however the first thing you need to do is read the rules of the forum, then go to the introduce yourself thread, where a moderator will provide links to help you with the mod process. With regards to the second part of your post Wiihacks does not support piracy of any type. Downloading of games you do not legally own is piracy and will not be condoned, and I am sure a moderator will inform you of this and tell you that no help will be provided for this type of activity. (and most likely close this thread)
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    I figure the initial remarks relating to download (as you term it) sounds more like using a loader to backup/install from your original discs, right? Scratched discs are the bane of many a user's existence (and why USB HD are so popular, that and faster loading). On the other part: we do understand why you'd ask (being your legitimately owned discs are damaged or unusable), but we couldn't for example provide any links.

    Edit: you should probably follow the softmod guide here.

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