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Thread: DOL-017 emulation

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    DOL-017 emulation

    With the recent (HUGE) improvements to the Gamecube usb loading scene via devolution most games run great; I thought maybe I would rip me Gameboy Player disk to CFG loader to see if it would read. It did!
    However the hardware (DOL-017) can not be attached to the WII as it is Gamecube hardware. So a soft error was sent.
    So now I'm left wondering if it can be emulated, If it can be ported to usb loader CFG this would be a great step not only for the WII but for the GBA also.
    Seeing that the wii is a gamecube maybe it is capable of using the DOL-017 code but it has no comm port 1.

    Imagine using a usb loader to run your Mario Kart Super Circuit or other great gba games.

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    While I agree that would be pretty cool, I'm not sure I see a point when we already have VBA GX.

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    100% game compatibility.

    Bumped to address new information.
    It seems that the DOL-017 is a GBA and not just a cartridge slot.


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