since they are very similar its just easier...

Controls: 1/10
this game uses the most basic controls its not even funny -,_-, but this also makes the games AMAZINGLY BORING
A = attack
Shake = special attack
C = block *if i recall*
Z = Dash, and special

now note, this is a adventure, beat em up, anime rpg -,_-,, and even the main character has but 7 attacks -.-

Story: 4/10
since the games keep their own stories, their a tad annoying to see such a well crafted manga have such a poorly made story.. think about it like your favorite book, being made into a movie on par with Twilight =P

Gameplay: 1/10
heres the break down....
you walk around, and beat up Various bors.. IE marine, guy in suit, monster 1 2 and 3... -,_-, yeah its very simple, you will get tired of this quickly...

after you beat the story, and win all the fights, you get 2 new modes, Survival, and VS!!!! yes you can unlock a fighting game ;3 thats why i played this game... sadly the VS mode is a joke....

you get like 40 characters, with about 3 - 9 attacks each -,_-, the fighting requires very little skill, and you can predict EVERY attack considering theres on average 4 set 100% skills they can even use ~_~ thats a joke, even the naruto games had 10 or so, and you can poof behind people -,_-, *i know the skill just keeping it simple*

overall: 1/10
I am a HUGE one piece fan, i own all the books, been reading it from the start... and i was highly disappointed, not because it didn't live up to the name, just because it was a joke... its games like this that makes people look into piracy =\