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Thread: HDD flash 32gb

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    HDD flash 32gb

    I prepared the hdd and I added 2 games using WBFS hooked up to the wii and the 2 games are duplicated...what did I do wrong? using wii flow

    thanks for any help

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    na had these in my comp...just trying to add them to hdd through WBFS manager...they load on to hdd fine and play fine but are duplicatedby 6xs

    funny gx loader and cfg show them as should be.....just wii flow shows duplicates
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    Did you rip the games with your computer then? My drive isn't compatible with Wii or GC games.

    Which program did you rip them with and what are the games titled as (including file extension)?

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    When I built my computer 3 years ago, I purposefully bought one of the DVD drives that could read a Wii disk so I could rip on my computer, but the process was sub-par.
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