By JoostinOnline and stfour
Article written by JoostinOnline

Things you can change:
  • Screen resolution
  • Aspect ratio
  • Sensor bar position
  • Sound mode
  • Wii remote rumble
  • Screen burn-in reduction
  • Shutdown mode
  • Wii remote sensitivity
  • Wii Connect 24
  • Internet Settings (boot directly into them)

Note: You cannot change a setting unless you have changed it at least once in the System Settings.

You can also use custom themes and fonts. There is an example included in the download. If you don't have one on your SD/USB, it will try and use the one from postLoader.

To use a custom font, place "font.ttf" in your "SE_theme" or "theme" folder.

Settings Editor GUI v1.9
Settings Editor GUI v1.9 Source
[spoiler=Changelog] v1.9
  • Now works with vWii without a cIOS using runtimeiospatch (thanks Damysteryman/Exelciior)
  • Video Mode and "Exit to Internet Settings" options are hidden in vWii mode since they don't work.
  • Special thanks to driverdis for all his testing on this version. I couldn't have done it without him.

  • Added more USB Gecko output code and fixed grlib output not being shown.
  • A fair amount of code cleanup (it's still messy though, lol) and a couple of safety checks (thanks megazig).
  • Decreased size by about 19%.
  • Missing options are no longer hidden. Instead, clicking on them gives the option to load the Wii Settings to set them for the first time.
  • Menus are now fixed width so changing a setting won't resize it.
  • "Loading Wii Settings" and "Returning to System Menu" won't both be displayed if Priiloader is set to autoboot/return to something beside the System Menu.
  • "Loading Wii Settings" comes after the save prompt.
  • Improved exit process.
  • Improved neek detection so it will still be detected if crediar changes the Sneek directory (thanks tueidj).
  • Changed the selection color (themeless) from gray to red.
  • When loading the Wii Settings, you will only be prompted to save if you have made a change to your settings.
  • Compatible-ish with Dolphin (requires recompile with "#define DOLPHIN" uncommented). You still can't load Wii Settings, but there is nothing I can do about that.
  • Now the theme is loaded before the background fades in, so it will fade in any custom background your theme uses.

  • Compatible with postLoader4
  • Fixed fadeout occurring in the wrong order when exiting to Internet Settings
  • USB Gecko support added (requires source to be recompiled with #define USBGECKO uncommented)
  • Decreased size by 23%
  • Fixed crashing when checking Priiloader's settings
  • When exiting in an emunand, the Homebrew Filter option supports old versions as well.
  • Screen fades out before resetting or shutting down Wii.
  • Some code cleanup.
  • Compiled with libogc v1.8.11
  • Fixed video output being disabled when a selected channel isn't installed.
  • Wii remote power button and POWER/RESET buttons now exit SE GUI
  • When launched from postLoader4's shortcut, SE GUI will only use the pL theme.

  • It now uses truetype font instead of bitmap font.
  • You can use your own font with a theme, just put font.ttf in "/ploader/theme/" or "/ploader/SE_theme/"
  • I finally updated the icon. It's much nicer than the old one.
  • grlib/grrlib has been updated.
  • Pressing HOME now exits without saving.
  • Minor code cleanup

  • Updated to work with new motion+ remotes.
  • There is a "Back" button included in the save prompt screen in case you accidentally select Exit to Internet Settings.
  • If Priiloader's "Autoboot" or "Return to" settings aren't "System Menu", Exit to Internet Settings will take you to the System Menu.

  • Fixed 576i display for real this time instead of forcing 480i/480p.
  • It now uses a new method to detect an emunand that works with new versions of NEEK.

  • Settings Editor GUI now has theme support! It will use whatever theme you have for postLoader, or a custom one if you have it on your SD/USB (example included).

  • Wii remote powers down after 1.5 minutes of inactivity.
  • If in an emunand, you can now choose how to exit.
  • Before you load the Internet Settings, you are prompted if you want to save changes.
  • Exits a bit faster.

  • It displays properly in 576i
  • You can now CHANGE to 576i
  • You can turn WiiConnect24 on and off
  • Booting into Internet Settings is an option
  • Cut down loading speed by 50%
  • Changes Saved message only lasts 1 second instead of 2
  • Got rid of the text at the bottom since the title and credits are in the meta.xml file
  • Compiled with libogc v1.8.6 (older) so the Internet Settings option would work.
  • If you are using a wii remote only, the pointer is not displayed if you go outside the valid range (i.e. not pointing at the screen).

  • First release

[/spoiler][spoiler=Known Issues]
  • If Priiloader is set to autoboot or return to anything but the System Menu, Exit To Internet Settings won't work. There is nothing I can do about that. As of v1.5, it will at least return you to the System Menu so you can navigate to the settings from there.

  • God for always being there.
  • Wever for testing
  • FIX94 for testing
  • Krafter for testing
  • person66 for testing and making screenshots
  • PabloACZ for testing
  • Pob3008 for testing
  • streamlinehd for testing
  • Supermasterpig for testing
  • hvckz for testing
  • GartimusPrime for testing
  • Category for testing
  • Cyan for testing
  • kylster for testing
  • darkangel84 for his Dimension theme, which the HacksDen theme is based off of
  • RobGee789 for making the included HacksDen theme
  • pepxl for testing
  • Brenry for testing
  • highsteve for testing
  • driverdis for vWii testing
  • Rain Stinks and Snivelili for suggestions on the icon