Controls: 9/10
very simple, you could pick up this game, not read anything, and then have perfect control with the wiimote/nunchuck, the only downside is, holding B, and removing blood from your blade gets annoying at times when theres a lot of things to kill..

Story 3/10
simply its the like 7th in a series, thats why... if you want to play this game, dont wait for the US release, but its your cliche story, and blah blah blah its highly unoriginal and boring.. i ended up ignoring most of it

Gameplay: 6/10
it comes down to walking around, and just shaking the wiimote -,_-, story mode is ok... you got a few different characters, and they all fight differently but in the end, to unlock the other costumes, you got to keep beating the same stages, just harder, which just means you swing a lot more... the only fun thing after beating the game for every character is survival mode, which is a LOT of fun! but Ripping the heart out of the mud people is fun :3

Design: 4/10
in the end, youll just have blood on your screen, and just see the most unoriginal characters, Zombie Cop, big cop, construction worker, generic 1 2 and 3, etc... youll rarly pay attention to anything which is annoying -,_-,

Overall: 5/10
Theres little to no replay, and in the end you can beat this title in 4 hours before getting bored or tired... if you like mindless hack and slash this is for you, but if you want a solid game, look elsewhere