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    WBFS Fritz

    I've looked through the forum, i've found a few threads that go over my exact dilemma however they have been closed. Last week i got my Wii back it had been at the mother in laws house she likes Wii Fitness, well with my 6th child back home now i wanted to refresh my hacks, and mods. I letter bombed my Wii, then BootMii. HBC up and running just fine, 7 pages of games and apps then i recall that i can play Wii games on here without the disc so i get to downloading .iso's then stumble across a WBFS packed game NIIIIIICE the size was 98 MB so now im scouring the net for the wbfs games that i would like. I get a bunch of them i load them into Dolphin on the PC to make sure they aren't corrupt before i maketransfer to USB Wii. All is well they work flawlessly, so i get into USB Loader GX to find out that i have to have a WBFS formatted partition on the USB so i go with WBFS Manager 3.0 to format it says its a success and naturally i cant access the drive anymore due to WBFS. I attempt to transfer a game over to the newly formatted drive but ALL buttons on the bottom right for transfer or files is greyed out i cant click any of them. So i go to Wii Backup Manager mount the usb it says its but that to cant find a device the drive letter that is assigned to teh WBFS partition doesnt display in the list most of them time and when it does it doesnt mount it. uLoader displays "No wbfs partition found" I reformat it into FAT32 then reformat it into WBFS then load Wii Sports disc then put the usb back in and it finds the format and i can rip Sports to it but what about games that i only have the WBFS for? In all this i have only been able to rip disc i already have or play the wbfs on my PC neither of which is the goal i am hoping to achieve, am i just doing something wrong???

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    Piracy is not tolorated here. You agreed to this in the rules. No help for pirates. Locked.

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