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Thread: Tatsunoko Vs Capcom

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    Tatsunoko Vs Capcom

    -,_-, im shocked no one mentioned this game xD

    Controls: 6/10
    This game does support the usual Fighting controllers, and fighting isnt really bad quite fun, BUT i was fighting my little brother *his first time playing* he was using wiimote/nunchuck, and i was using the classic.. every time he did anything he would Chain specials, and beat me with extreme ease.... i thought it was dumb luck, but it happened several times, and the fact hes never played it was just proof of how broken that controller type is...

    Gameplay: 8/10
    This game plays nice, besides the above problems, theres nothing really bad... the mini games are a nice change of pace but their rather annoying if you dont know what youre doing.

    another big problem is, the lack of unlocks... everything you get is very lack luster
    Upon completeing the game 22 times, you can see more or less at the items
    • Mini games
    • Characters
    • character info
    • mini games

    this wasnt the annoying part, once you unlock all the mini games, you JUST HAVE TO PLAY THEM, to unlock the item from them.... in addition to that being a joke, the items were far from great...

    Tatsunoko = Stage info
    Capcom = Color #3 *B button to select*

    Story: 6/10
    I LOVED the stories, but the problem is, they for the most part use References from other games... since most people didnt play them its lost on them, and since their in full Japanese its kinda meh if you cant read em...

    a good idea of the References is, Devolet appears in one of them, and she is a VERY minor capcom character, in addition to Red Earth getting a lot of references... since neither game was Big in the US or even came, its very silly to import...

    Design: 10/10
    one of the best looking wii games, the only problem i had with it was... since im not Mr. Snob, i played this while looking at street fighter 4, and saw no noticeable difference... since i dont see it, im not fully sure why the wii cant have the game *could be a DL game and work out -,_-,*

    Overall: 7/10
    if you played, most of the capcom titles, its good for you... if you dont know tatsunoko, or really like capcom alt titles... i wouldnt, if you enjoy decent fighters, this is for you, its BY FAR one of the best fighters on the wii, if not the best!

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    nice review

    this is really one of the best fighting games on the wii, though I would prefer brawl before tatsunoko vs capcom. but they represent 2 different types of beat 'em up, so if you liked games like marvel vs capcom then you'll love tatsunoko vs capcom for sure ^^

    btw. I'm impressed by the graphics too and i also thought that it doesn't look much worse than street fighter IV...maybe capcom will surprise us in the end....hopefully ^^

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    my main problem with Brawl is simply its not much different, just expanded, which was disapointing, and no SF 4 wont go on the wii, since it would be a HUGE shock, when they put so much into other consoles

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    Oh man! I love this game!
    it's like a warm up before ST4 lands in town
    Nice review bro..

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    Quote Originally Posted by §piktsµ View Post
    Oh man! I love this game!
    it's like a warm up before ST4 lands in town
    Nice review bro..
    dont get me wrong i did too, but after i finshed it for the 22nd time *like 4 hours into playing it* i stoped having fun fighting it was too "planed out" on my part, i had exact methods to winning all major fights *yami/big characters* and i can beat the game with MAX stars -,_-, with relative ease via my methods

    i think its a good first, that should have a amazing second kinda like Marvel VS Capcom

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    Well Admiral I found your review and its a good one, thanks. But can't find your translation.

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    Final page or page before
    tatsunoko vs capcom
    wii games

    i think is the one that has it

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    the games pretty cool. but how do you guys figure out what is what? i wish i could read japanese -_-"

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    im fluent in japanese =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobox714 View Post
    the games pretty cool. but how do you guys figure out what is what? i wish i could read japanese -_-"

    at least I can understand a bit japanese but i can't read, but the only thing i care about is the vs mode anyway xD

    oh yeah and the options of course, to set infinite time.

    -> 1x down = VS Mode
    -> 6x down = Options

    you just have to try it out and there you are xD

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