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Thread: Problem with GC backup

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    Problem with GC backup

    So I was wondering if anyone can help me on this issue I am having. I have an older wii (I am able to play GC backups through CDs) and I have not installed DIOS MIOS. I have made backups of games like star fox adventures, mario kart double dash, and pokemon Colosseum and they work. However I recently tried making a backup of Super Mario Sunshine and I get a black screen and I can hear the sound. I tried playing the game on my mac using dolphin and it played perfectly so I know its not the iso thats messed up. When I burned the game, I burned using the slowest setting. I am using NeoGamma R9 b56 to play my backups. Is this game not compatible with NeoGamma? Should I try using another GC backup loader?

    Nevermind, figured it out
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    Glad you got it sorted. Next time, please use the "edit" button --- bumping your post (in this case, well-intended) is against the forum rules. As OP has resolved his issue, thread closed.


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