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Thread: Taiko no Tatsujin

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    Taiko no Tatsujin

    i know i posted a lack luster review, i thought i would update it, and make a full review...

    Controls: 10/10
    this game uses 1 of 3 controllers
    • Drum
    • Wiimote
    • Classic controller

    the amazing thing is, no matter which one you pick, the game is quite playable and fun. considering the controls are simple, its basically 4 buttons. left/right red and blue, since that's all you're doing its very easy to master, mostly because the game doesn't require a side when drumming as long as its the right color *though big red/blue want both sides at the same time, but its not required*

    Gameplay: 9/10
    unlike rockband, and guitar hero... this game uses a Across style, not a down style to what needs to be done, since its easier to see its much easier for people to adapt. this game is also very simple, the better you do, the more people dance for you.. they are random, and some are "special"
    you get a nice variety of dancers
    • Lantern Fish
    • Various masked people
    • Deer
    • Mii's
    • Mario
    • Various namco though the 8 bit years, and much more!

    on a final note, easy is very good for people starting out, you can easily get use to it, and start trying your best!
    [ame=]YouTube - taiko no tatsujin wii super mario bros taiko drum master[/ame]

    Very Hard: *this is the computer playing, and my favorite song*
    [ame=]YouTube - 太鼓の達人X-DAY2000 オート[/ame]

    Selection: 6/10
    I normally wouldnt be sad with 70 songs, but you play Taiko no tatsujin portable 2 for the psp, has 80+... the fact a psp game that's a few years old, has more songs than the wii is highly disapointing. on the other hand, i have always liked taiko, because it has something for everything. from Anime, to Classical.

    Overall: 9/10
    besides the Selection, its as fun as every other game in the series. Since the game, is part of a long series of games, there was very little different than songs. If you like Guitar hero/rockband type of games, this is the original, and by far more fun!

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    Good review. Did you play with the Wii drums? I was looking at importing them...I have it on PS2 and it's very fun there too but totally different songs. Also, if you do some googling there is a second one coming out in December in Japan. Might be available here in some format soon <wink>.


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