why not =P silly sega games are always good!

Controls: 1/10 *and thats being kind =\*
well, this game is basicly 100% wii mote/nunchuck based, so the controls are only based off what you do with the wiimote....

this doesnt sound great, but its no where near as bad as you think Y-Y

for those who dont know, this game is based off shaking the controllers, when orbs go into the Circle, there are 6 circles Top, bottom, and middle 1 on each side respectively... sounds simple right? WRONG!

to actually point UP, Down, or side to side you actually have to point the wiimote/nunchuck that way, simply lowering them isnt the same, they MUST be upside down, for it to count as down Y-Y..

in addition to this HUGE flaw, whenever i shacked the wiimote.... it would go to all the Circles randomly -,_-, since most orbs are middle *the hardest to get* you can usually get a small chain, till you mess up.... in addition since mote/nun are used, you can use them on either side! a LOT of times i would think the mote is to the right, and i was wrong.... -,_-,

Gameplay: 1/10
since the controls, were trash... a lot of times you would get a C or Fail, because the game wasnt reading the mote/nun correctly... i ended up just randomly shaking *and averaging A's* which is another sad thing... when i don't need to try to be amazing xD *unless im special but most people say im not here -,_-, haha just got to have my fun too =P*

Selection: 7/10
though i was disappointed, (i was using the Japanese copy, but all songs, and most menus were in english -,_-, realistically if you play this without knowing Japanese you wouldn't really notice the difference) that was not the only reason, since most songs were more Old, or dated to when the game was new, case in point Macarena, is playable.... though this game has more than the original, the Downloadable content *which had songs i ironically like xD unlike the actual games* but the original game, honor and used past Sega gems...
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsfRCPclhdM]YouTube - Burning Rangers Opening FMV - SEGA/Sonic Team [Sega Saturn][/ame]
^ one of the many songs that were not added in the wii release
*last sega saturn game in the US -,_-,*

Design: 5/10
outside of adding the mii's, and making it a tad more up to date, with minor tweaks the design used is about the same as Dreamcast

Overall: 3/10
despite the game being newer, the original was much better, this is good proof that game makers sometimes thinking adding more content is enough to make the game better over working on the controls...

in the end, if you own/liked the original dont play it, if you never played it... go find the dreamcast one.