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Thread: [wiikey2] Installed v.4.2E now old games dont work ?

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    [wiikey2] Installed v.4.2E now old games dont work ?

    Hi all;

    recently downloaded ironman 2 and burn to disk.

    When i inserted disk, it ask me to update system...i did and when all done game doesnt boot and a new SD icon has appered in console home page!

    Noticed at this stage that old working games stoped working ever since andi now get message saying (unable to read disk consult operational manual) i would say affect 50% of my old games.
    has anyone had this problem or know point to the right direction on how to fix/troubleshoot my self out of this situation....

    thanks in advance

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    WiiHacks does not support piracy.

    As was stated in the welcome message I posted in your introduction thread:

    Here are The Forum Rules
    Please read them and Do your best to follow them.

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    Agreed, this user was just... advised (ahem) of the dim view this type of activity receives here on wiihacks. And just as I told you via... other means, do not make another thread about this.


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