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Thread: Is it possible to convert Wii save from PC/Dolphin back to Wii?

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    Is it possible to convert Wii save from PC/Dolphin back to Wii?

    I'm sorry if this question has been asked before but doing some searching I couldn't see anything directly related.

    As the topic title states. Is it possible to convert save from PC to Wii. I'm interested in playing Xenoblade on PC with the best I can get but being the way I am I like to have the save on my Wii in the end. I assume that with the savemanager (? I think that is it's name) it may be possible, but I just want some clarification. I haven't actually modded my Wii or anything yet but I presume I'll have to, to edit the saves through external programs/homebrew or whatnot.

    thanks in advance!

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    Bumping as it's been a couple days

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    They should be in here

    Try to use NAND Gamesave Restore
    See if it finds any savegames, then restore them with savegame manager.
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    Ah thank you very much. I shall look into it!

    Thanks again!

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