since i kinda got to YAYS on thank you 1,000 =P

Recently we added some new things to the forum...
  • Social forums
  • support forum redesign
  • 2 Faq's sections + a clean out of old help topics
  • search at the top
  • contests
  • and most recently Staff apps!

but no one seems all to interested in anything new, so I think its about time, we ask you... WHAT would you like to see/changed *saying me fired is acceptable, but dont spam it*

people constantly say, this is a great place to learn, how about we all make it MUCH MUCH MORE! ^^

before i end this topic i got 3 quick comments, if you don't care just skip.

  • Mario Kart Tourny

we still have this going, current pot is $60 usd! get going fast for your spot!

  • Reviews

I recently posted a review on "fragile" if you would like to see more, tell me! i can review several games, and im more than willing to review any DS game *and most psp!*

  • support questions

PLEASE if you need help, and you post, while still looking.... once you get helped please refrain from posting anything to question help... i recently helped someone and the topic was basicly...

him "my games load poorly next to a original"
me "gamma or chip?"
him "gamma"
me "thats why"
him "would better media make a difference?"
me "minimal at best"
him "YT discs are the best! when using game backups YT were loading 3x faster! than any other disc... is this true YT is better, should i use them?"

-.- its fine having a question, but once the person helps you and you see things like this disc works MUCH better, basicly saying youre wrong, when hes just trying to help you... its rude and unwanted, and if you do that, DONT expect any further support from anyone!

please post your comments, i hope to hear some peoples views ^^

~Pirate Admiral Grant