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Thread: messed guide up

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    messed guide up

    i accidently started on part 5

    i have

    1)extracted folder and opendit
    2)looks the same
    3)dropped game on file
    4)got new fold and gamfile, as well as the orginal game file

    put it in game4e file inot game file on memory card

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    How the heck do you "accidentally" start at the end of a guide?! Start by fixing your softmod like SNES told you to do in your other thread. And then follow this guide in order (again, like SNES said).

    If you have any more questions regarding our guides, first follow them in order and then ask you questions IN the guide that you're following.

    (I feel a tad bit like nighty by posting that picture, lol xD)


    Just realized this is about the same guide. So yeah, do what SNES said (I could swear I have said that before).
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    I'm going to go ahead close this thread since you already posted the same thing...might do you some good to review the site rules namely the part about not double posting/making multiple threads for 1 problem.


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