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Thread: Installing Wads with a USB device

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    Installing Wads with a USB device

    i am using wii 4.3u, it was softmodded in the past, i have homebrew channel, i use usb loader gx to play games, and most other apps work fine. I need to use configurable USB loader but my problem is that when i try to use it, it says that ios 249 is a stub! please re-install. I am pretty sure the reason for this is because of updated my wii at one point, then didnt need ios 249 for awhile.

    I tried finding out the solution for this, i first told to try multi mod manager, than i tried wad manager 1.7, and then i followed chapter 2 of the hack any wii guide on this website and i got the modpack and ios update verified and such without any problem, then used wiimod but i had the same problem with all 3 of these. None of them were compatible with my usb drive.

    Is there anyway i can reinstall ios 249 so that i can use cfg usb loader only using a usb drive? i do not have an SD card.
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    Wii Mod comes with the Mod Pack. Launch that from HBC and see if it will let you mount the hard drive for installing wads. I've never tried it, and my kid's using my Wii right now, so I can't test it for myself.

    EDIT: I just tried it. Though it looks like that it tries to do so when you select to mount the USB, it failed for me.

    So if you get the same error that I got, you will have to find an SD card to load the .wad files on to install on your system.
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    i always install wads with SD card.
    take out ur digital camera, and use the microSD with adaptor.....

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    The WAD installer app available through Homebrew lets you install from USB, though I've never tried that myself.


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