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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Hi everyone

    I would like to say thanks to the providers of the excellend softmod instructions! I have successfully modded my wii and have installed hbc, downgraded the ios to 4.1 and have added cios and apps.
    I have burnt a game to dvd-r and it works.
    I have, however got a couple of questions.
    Where is the best place to download game iso's?
    I would like to use an external hdd..i assume it should be formatted in FAT32?
    Is there a guide to set up the games onto the file and folder tree etc.
    Is there a guide to backup my games onto the HDD from a laptop.
    Thanks in advance and apolgies if i have missed the obvious guides.

    Mark from the UK

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    Piracy is not supported here, please read and abide by the forum rules, thread closed.

    If you wish to play games from a HDD you must buy the discs at any local gaming retailer and rip them yourself.


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