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Thread: [Help]Downgrade to 3.2J from 3.3J

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    [Help]Downgrade to 3.2J from 3.3J

    I have search many post from google, and there have a ton of post to teach how to downgrade to 3.2J, but seems most of those posts are out dated.
    Now what I have are the following tools:

    Homebrew Channel
    cIOS36 rev7 Installer
    IOS Downgrader
    Custom IOS Downgrader

    But I just confuse do I need more tools to downgrade my wii (like cIOS-fix.wad, WAD Manager, Shop IOS51...etc) and my procedure is correct

    My procedure:
    Install the Homebrew Channel
    Use the Homebrew Channel to run the cIOS36 rev7 Installer and install the IOS36-64-1024.wad
    Use IOS Downgrader to downgrade the IOS to 3.2J
    Use cIOS Downgrader to downgrade the IOS to 3.2J

    Thanks for any help

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    I have read this post already, and it use the IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad and cIOS-fix.wad, however, when I read the, seems it already release the cIOS36, but I can't found any cIOS-fix.wad information in this site (or just I miss that, cos' their forum not in english)

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    you asked, and thats the best method... all the files are there -,_-, *i dont know a lot about downgrading because my intrest in it is Null*


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