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Thread: Didn't Install BootMii With the Letterbomb

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    Didn't Install BootMii With the Letterbomb

    Hey guys. Just need a little clarification here:

    I just used the Letterbomb method to install the Homebrew Channel, but I had my brother jumping over me as I was reading the instructions and I exited the Letterbomb application before I was able to install Bootmii. The Wii works, but am I able to start the Letterbomb back up to install Bootmii using the same SD card, or will I need to install it a different way, or even with a new Letterbomb download?

    I just want to play it safe until I back up the NAND. Thanks for reading.

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    If you still have the letterbomb files on that SD card, then you can boot the Wii with that SD card and go to whatever date in the calendar that the files were created (if it was on the 20th when you modded the first time, then go back to that same day to find the "bomb" message.)

    Then you can install bootmii.

    Bootmii is the program that creates the NAND backup, so that is required to install.
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    Much thanks for the clarification, I wasn't sure if it was a one time application or not. I'll get used to this soon.

    Anyway, backing up now!


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