Note: This app was authored by and the article written by JoostinOnline

CheckRegion gives region related information about your Wii. This includes your model, serial number, serial code, and country code. It's main purpose is a library for use in other applications such as NEEK2O and SysCheck, but it includes a sample program which reports all the information.

All you need is a way to run the dol. Any exploit or app/channel capable of loading dol files should work. No cIOS is needed.

CheckRegion v1.4
Source Code

  • God for always being there.
  • LiNkZoR, JohnyNyga, VampireLordAlucard, sureiya, Drexyl, and fudgenuts64 for information on the new Wii models.
  • marcan for conf.c/conf.h, which this is heavily based on.
  • megazig for several tips and suggestions.
  • Mountain Dew for making me immortal (untested).
  • Anybody I forgot (send me a PM).

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